Gateway’s staff consists of pastoral and administrative staff (pictured above). Staff-specific email addresses are listed below, or if you’d prefer to phone someone, most of our staff members can be reached by dialing 204-989-6580 and then dialing the extension number provided below. Some though, have a different phone number, which is also provided below.

Our pastoral staff includes…

Ron MacLean

Both Congregations (ext. 211)

Peter Todd

Panet Campus – – – (ext. 204)

Aaron Wiebe

South Osborne Campus (204-255-5425)

John Micklefield

Panet Campus – – – (204-222-3791)

Ken Peters

Panet Campus – – – (ext. 210)

Norm Zazulak

South Osborne Campus (204-255-5425)

Will Horner

(ext. 207)

Fiona Peters

(ext. 202)

Greg Gerbrandt

(ext. 206)

Mary MacLean

Kevin Sawatzky

(ext. 205)


Administrative staff…

Gateway’s administrative team includes:

Kevin Sawatzky (ext. 205), administrator,

Heather Nolan (ext. 209), administraion of Panet events,

Elizabeth Frank (ext. 208), accounting,