Guests - What to Expect

Gateway Church is a place where you can find both family and community, as well as a place to experience God in a personal way. Just as our vision statement indicates, we want to welcome people from every generation and every nation, and want every person who attends Gateway to be touched by the love of God in powerful life-changing ways!

When you arrive, volunteers at a Welcome Table will be there to greet those who are attending as guests, and where first-time guests will be given a Welcome Bag, which contains helpful information as well as some gifts to enjoy.

As you enter the auditorium at our South or Panet campuses (which, at Panet, serves as a gym for The King’s School, a ministry of Gateway Church), you will be greeted by another volunteer who will offer you a weekly Gateway bulletin and help you find a seat.

Sunday services in two locations!

One of our campuses is in northeast Winnipeg, at 851 Panet Road, where we have two service times for most of the year at 9:00am and 11:15am. In July, August and September, Gateway Panet has one Sunday service at 10:00am and a Thursday evening service at 7:07pm for all but the last Thursdays in July and August.

Our other campus in the South Osborne area, at 486 Rathgar Avenue, meets on Sundays at 10:30am.

Service times are generally about 90 minutes.

What’s the service like?

Each of our services begins with a live band leading everyone in a time of worship, singing a mixture of contemporary and traditional songs. Children remain in the auditorium, often with their parents during this part of the service, though many children love to dance and wave colourful flags that are provided as an expression of their enjoyment of this time of worship.

Children are then released to Children’s Ministry classes, where they will meet in age-specific groups in fun, age-appropriate environments to learn about God from trained and security-checked volunteers. Teenagers also have a class that they can go to at least two Sundays per month.

Those who remain in the auditorium will then hear a Bible-based message that contains practical applications to our everyday lives.

Offerings are optional

We don’t want any of our guests to feel under any obligation to give when it comes time for the offering. If you are a guest at Gateway, please feel free to let the basket pass you by without feeling any pressure to give. If you would like to give, you are welcome to do so, but the offering time is primarily an opportunity for those who are a regular part of Gateway to give.

Where will my children be?

Gateway’s Children’s Ministry is a fun and exciting time where kids meet in both large group formats as well as in smaller groups for age-appropriate discussion times. The kids enjoy having their own times of praising God together, time spent playing games and activities, as well as time learning about Jesus in creative and interactive lessons.

Babies and children up to kindergarten-age attend various age-specific classes in Noah’s Ark, which is a safe and fun environment for youngsters. The check-in system for all the children is designed to give all parents peace of mind. When you check in, we will provide you with a numbered tag that allows us to page you if needed during the service, and ensures that your child can only be released to you when it’s time for children to be picked up.

Children in grades 1-4 attend Heirforce each week, and children in grades 5-6 attend Impact every second Sunday. Junior High and Senior high Youth can attend Fusion when it is offered (usually 2 Sundays a month). Other youth activities happen every Friday evening, and updates regarding what’s happening each week can be found by calling our Youth staff at 204-989-6580, ext. 207.

Whatever the age of your pre-teen children, if you are a first-time guest at Gateway, please be sure to let the Children’s Workers know that so that you can register your children for the class they will be attending.

What happens after the service?

Each Sunday, coffee and tea is served free of charge. At South Osborne, this happens immediately after the service. At Panet, it is between the services for those who remain a little after the first service and for those who arrive a little early for the second service (and after the single service in the summer months).

church library is also open between the services in the Panet MPR and after the service at the South campus. Both libraries have many titles for readers of all ages.

If you have any questions that haven’t been answered here, please contact us.