Meet the Staff

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Ron & Mary MacLean

Ron MacLean has been our Senior Pastor and team leader ever since he and his wife, Mary, moved here from Vancouver in 1979. Mary MacLean has also led the worship ministry at Gateway for 12 years and has been the Artistic Director for Bethlehem LIVE!. Ron & Mary have four daughters, two sons-in-law, two adopted sons and wives, and three grandchildren! Mary loves song-writing, and Ron’s newest favourite pastime is grandchildren!
Ron can be reached at
Office 204.989.6580, ext.211
Mary can be reached at 204.989.6580


Peter Todd

Peter Todd is the Pastoral Team Leader at our Panet campus. He began attending Gateway in 1992 after moving here from England, and was soon hired as a teacher in The King’s School, a Christian school that Gateway has operated since 1983. He joined the church staff in 1995 as the pastor overseeing the church plant that later became our South Osborne congregation. Peter is married to Julia, who oversees Gateway’s EAL classes, and they have four daughters. He loves playing jazz, as well as supporting Newcastle United (Let’s Go Magpies!). Feel free to visit his website at
Peter can be reached at
Office: 204.989.6580, ext.204


Norm Zazulak

Norm Zazulak is the Pastoral Team Leader at our South Osborne campus, his gifts and passions relating to family, the prophetic, and indigenous peoples. He joined our staff as Gateway’s Youth Pastor when he began attending Gateway in 2003. He is married to Niki and they have three sons. He insists that his favourite movie of all time is Norm of the North. Not sure why.
Norm can be reached at
Office: 204.989.6580

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Ken Peters

Ken Peters is an Associate Pastor at our Panet campus, and helps with pastoral care. He began attending Gateway in 1986 and has been on staff since 1992. Ken is married to Fiona and they have two daughters, one son and two sons-in-law. He loves reading and he loves to write. You can read some of his material at
Ken can be reached at
Office: 204.989.6580, ext.210


Aaron Wiebe

Aaron Wiebe is an Associate Pastor at our South Osborne campus. He has been attending Gateway since January 2000 and joined our staff in 2007 as the new leader of our South Osborne congregation. Aaron has also been instrumental in establishing pastoral ministries at Gateway such as our Set Free Weekends and Stephen Ministry, as well as providing IT expertise. Aaron is married to Wilma and they have four children. His favourite hobby is gourmet cooking.
Aaron can be reached at
Office: 204.989.6580

Chris Vale

Chris Vale is an Associate Pastor at our Panet campus, pastorally involved in overseeing the youth ministry, the young adults and young families, as well as small groups, while also serving in other areas of the Church. Chris and his family moved to Winnipeg from northeast England in 2019 after God clearly and profoundly spoke to them about moving to Winnipeg. Chris is passionate about unity in the church and is excited about what God is going to do in and through Gateway, as well as across the city of Winnipeg. Chris is married to Meg and they have three children. Chris originally trained as a professional piano player before God steered him into church ministry, which he has been involved in since 2003.
Chris can be reached at
Office: 204.989.6580, ext.207

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Julia Todd

Julia Todd joined Gateway’s staff in 2020 as our Panet Outreach Coordinator after a thriving EAL ministry grew too big to oversee as a volunteer. She now helps to facilitate and initiate programs to bless and express God's love to the community around the Panet campus, with particular focus on newcomers to Canada. She is a certified EAL teacher, as well as a trained piano teacher. Julia began attending Gateway in 1994 after moving to Canada from England, and is married to Peter and has four girls. She loves travelling (particularly to stay in touch with family and friends in the UK and around the world), playing the piano, swimming, and tennis. And she particularly likes Chinese food and learning the Chinese language.


Fiona Peters

Fiona Peters is the Children's Ministry Pastor at our Panet campus, and Gateway's Plan to Protect Administrator (as well as our official office proofreader)! She began attending Gateway when she was a toddler back in 1972, and ended up on staff 30 years later in 2002! Fiona is married to Ken and they have two daughters, one son and two sons-in-law. She loves to read.
Fiona can be reached at
Office: 204.989.6580, ext.202

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Niki Zazulak

Niki Zazulak is the Gateway KIDS Ministry Coordinator at our South Osborne campus and has been attending Gateway since 2003. She began working at Gateway’s Panet campus as the Gateway KIDS Early Years Coordinator at the end of 2004, and then she and her family moved to our South Osborne campus in 2014 as her husband Norm began pastoring there together with Aaron Wiebe. She loves children and is passionate about sharing life with parents of young children. She is married to Norm and they have three sons, and she also loves gardening and cooking!
Niki can be reached


Kevin Sawatzky

Kevin Sawatzky is our Pastor of Administration, overseeing Gateway’s finances and Human Resources, as well as creating and implementing church policies and ensuring the church operates in accordance with charitable law. He has been attending Gateway since 2003 and joined our staff in 2006. Kevin is married to Ivy and they have three children. In the summer, he enjoys golfing and camping, and in the winter, he enjoys curling and cheering for the Jets! …Go Jets Go!
Kevin can be reached at
Office: 204-989-6580, ext. 205


Betty Alexander

Betty Alexander is the Panet Administrator for Gateway’s Panet congregation. She began attending Gateway in 2015 and joined our admin staff in December 2017. Betty oversees the preparation and logistics for all Sunday services, Prayer Summits, and special events at the Panet location, while also assisting the various volunteer ministry teams and coordinating the admin for all Panet adult-ministry-related meetings. Betty is married to Art, and they have six children and three grandchildren. Betty is a writer, a music enthusiast, and recently discovered skills and a passion for refinishing furniture.  She is happy and content out in her garage with sander in hand.

Betty can be reached at
Office: 204.989.6580 ext. 209

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Ruth Micklefield

Ruth Micklefield’s official title at Gateway Church is Gateway Panet Systems Manager, which means that she works hard to set up, strengthen, and oversee various management and operations systems for Gateway’s Panet congregation. She began attending Gateway after her family moved here from England in 1992, and joined the staff at Gateway in 2020. Ruth is married to Andrew, and has three children. She loves garden projects, and children’s books.

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Lydia MacLean

Lydia MacLean is basically Gateway online. She is Gateway’s Social Media Manager. She manages all of Gateway’s Social Media platforms, as well as our website, and keeps everyone up-to-date with weekly congregational emails. Lydia was born into Gateway in 1990, and began on staff thirty years later in 2020. Organization, efficiency, and good presentation are a few of her favourite things, and she can always be found with a cup of coffee in hand, or nearby.


Elizabeth Frank

Elizabeth Frank has been our Gateway Bookkeeper since 2013, having attended Gateway since 1985. She is married to Andrew and has two sons, and loves working on jigsaw puzzles (“That is my idea of a relaxing time!”).
Elizabeth can be reached at
Office: 204.989.6580, ext.208


Jonathan Schroeder

Jonathan Schroeder is Gateway’s Property Manager for our Panet location. He began attending Gateway in 2001 and has been on staff since 2015. Jon is married to Natalie and enjoys both playing and watching hockey.
Jon can be reached at
Office: 204.989.6580


Randy Braun

Randy Braun is our Chief Cable Puller (aka, Gateway's I.T. Network Administrator and the Chief Sound Technician at our Panet campus). He began attending Gateway in 2006 and joined our staff in 2016. Randy is married to Janine. He says that kids used to mistake him for Mr. Bean on a regular basis. “Even total strangers would stop me on the street and say, ‘Has anyone told you that you look a lot like Mr. Bean?’”
Randy can be reached at
Office: 204.989.6580