Our Vision

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Vision is not just the direction we go in, it’s the reason we exist. And the reason Gateway Church exists is to spread a passion for the glory of God through Jesus Christ to every nation and every generation.

Everyone is passionate about something. But our first – our highest – our most satisfying passion is meant to be God Himself: His Greatness, His Goodness, His Majesty, His Person. We call this His glory. And God’s glory is most clearly seen and most powerfully experienced through the Person of Jesus Christ. When the Lord Jesus causes us to be born again and when He fills us with His Holy Spirit, the result is passion for God and passion for His glory and a zeal to spread that passion everywhere, to every people group and to every age group. That’s why Gateway Church and our pre-school to Grade 12 school (The King’s School) are committed to being an interethnic community where every nation and every age is embraced and celebrated.

We warmly invite you to come and be part of this vision to enjoy God in all His glory and to engage in spreading that glory to every nation and every generation.