Cell Groups

A big part of who we are at Gateway is Cell Groups. Cell Groups are not simply a ministry of Gateway – they are Gateway! They are the cell-structure that this Body of believers is made up of. They are where meaningful community-life happens in the church at a grass-roots level. Cell Groups meet in people’s homes and provide an opportunity for relationships, prayer, Bible study and outreach on a more personal small group basis.

Becoming involved in a Cell Group is a great step forward in becoming a committed part of Gateway at one of our local campuses. Groups meet regularly in different parts of the city and some even out of town. Most people choose a group based on relationships by choosing a group because you know someone already in that group or based on geography.

If you would like to discuss this further, or if you’d like to be in a Cell Group, please feel free to call:

Pastor Peter Todd @ Gateway Panet at 204-989-6580, ext. 204, or
Pastor Norm Zazulak @ Gateway South Osborne at 204-255-5425.