Our Moms’ Group is excited to begin again this fall of 2016, and we look forward to seeing what the Lord will do this year! We welcome new moms and preschool children to join us in our times together as we enjoy each other’s company and learn from God’s Word.

The ministry team that has been established to help facilitate our group this year includes Susan Kapilik (overseer) and Tina Klassen (childcare coordinator) along with a social and support team.

As a Moms’ Group Ministry, our aim is to “build thriving marriages and families for the Glory of God.” We place a high value on children and on the family unit, and we desire to see them strengthened as we support one another in our journeys as mothers.  We have four or five events a month.

For more information, or to be added to an email list, please contact Amanda Fatimehin by email at

Moms’ Group Calendar

Click the following link to view and download our yearly events calendar: Mom’s Group 2017-2018 Calendar


A song of prayer for all of our families as we approach a new season:

May God bless each of you and yours with a deep wonder for the beauty of our King!


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