Gateway Small Groups

Gateway Church exists to spread a passion for the glory of God through Jesus Christ to every nation and every generation -- and our primary vehicle to fulfil this vision is in and through Gateway Small Groups.

Joining a Gateway Small Group is a great step forward in becoming a committed member at one of Gateway's local congregations - Gateway Panet or Gateway South Osborne.

Small Groups meet most often in people’s homes in various neighbourhoods and on various days of the week. They provide an opportunity for relationship, spiritual growth, and personal outreach.

We would love to help you find a group that's suitable for you, but if you are new to Gateway, we ask that you complete Gateway 100, the first step in the Gateway Path, before you look into joining a Gateway Small Group.

Gateway 100 is a four week course designed to introduce you to Gateway Church, and also includes a seminar on Hearing God.

To find out more about Gateway 100, click HERE.

To enquire about joining a Gateway Small Group, please complete the form by clicking the button below:


The CORE VALUES of Gateway Small Groups

COMMUNITY GROWTH:  Develop strong friendships, and care for one another in a safe environment.

SPIRITUAL GROWTH:  Challenge each other and learn together through prayer, studying the Bible and mutual discipleship.

CHURCH GROWTH:  To be disciples of Jesus who make disciples of Jesus, since our primary purpose on earth is share the good news of Jesus with others.

The CORE PRACTICES of Gateway Small Groups

Your commitment
Word, prayer, mission, and care. These elements must be central in the activities of all Gateway Small Groups.


Every member ministry. All Gateway Small Group members will share responsibility for the various aspects of their group life. (such as hosting, prayer, support, discipleship, facilitating, and outreach).


Small Group leaders. All leaders will be a member of Gateway Church who have completed the Gateway Path, and will be committed to participating in further training opportunities at Gateway, to accountability, and to leading a group for one year.


Growth. All Gateway Small Groups will automatically begin a process of multiplying into two groups when the number of people in a group exceeds 8 people.
Gateway’s commitment
Provide suggested content and format so as to minimize preparation time for those facilitating Small Group meetings.


Give care, oversight, and direction to Small Groups, as well as support in any pastoral situations that may arise.



Relevant leadership training in a variety of formats to enable leaders to thrive and enjoy the role.



Assist and encourage groups in the process of multiplication.