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Milestone Celebrations

One way we seek to connect family life with church life is through celebrating the Faith Milestones in our children’s and teenager’s lives. Faith Milestones are markers on our child’s pathway to spiritual maturity – times when we come together as a church community to encourage and support the spiritual choices our children are making in their walks with God. Parents and children attend a preparation class several weeks ahead of the church celebration and then invite family and friends to attend the Milestone Celebration Service.

Currently, we celebrate four milestones during the course of the year at the Panet campus:

Baby Dedication Milestone

Parents present their new baby to God and to the congregation, committing themselves to their role as the primary faith influencer in their child’s life. The congregation also commits to support the family as they raise the child to follow God. There are usually two dedication services each year, in the spring and the fall.

Faith Commitment Milestone

This milestone celebrates a child’s or teenager’s decision to follow Jesus as Lord and Saviour and includes water baptism. We encourage children to wait to be baptized until they are at least 9 years old (Grade 4) so that they will clearly remember this important spiritual milestone. Parents and child/teen attend a preparation class before the church celebration and are then encouraged to invite family and friends to the Milestone Celebration Service. There are several baptism services each year.

Preteen Passage Milestone

This milestone is celebrated when children move from Children’s Ministry into Youth Ministry, at the end of Grade 6. Parents and child attend a class ahead of time which prepares the family for the jump into adolescence. The Milestone Celebration Service usually takes place in mid-June.

High School Graduation Milestone

This milestone celebrates a teenager’s graduation from High School and their first steps into adulthood. Parents and teenager attend a class together to prepare them for this last big milestone of childhood. Family and friends are invited to attend the Milestone Celebration Service at the end of June.