Parenting Resources

One of our primary goals in Children’s Ministry at Gateway is to partner with parents in the work God had given them as they raise their children to love and follow Jesus. As children’s workers, we may spend 40-50 hours a year imparting God’s truths to your child; however, as parents you have the privilege of several thousand hours each year where you can be training children in righteousness! We understand that this can sometimes be an overwhelming task so we provide weekly resources for parents of children in Noah’s Ark, Heirforce and Impact. These “cue cards” let parents know what was taught in their child’s class that Sunday, which memory verse is being worked on that week or month, and provide suggestions for easy Faith Talks with their children during the week. Faith Talks are intentional times set aside each week for family time centered on the Bible.

Extra parent resources may be sent home during special times of the year, such as Christmas, Easter and summer holidays.