Foodbank Foyer Outreach Coordinator: Gateway Panet’s foyer is full of guests from our community for about 30 minutes every Saturday. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet people from many ethnic and economic backgrounds and to share the love of Jesus with them. The foyer TV is available for use, or testimonies can be shared for everyone to hear! It just needs someone to coordinate it.
For more information, please contact Trudy Turner.

“Grief Share” Director: For those with a heart to care for hurting people, and a desire to walk with people on their healing journey, this is an opportunity to run and oversee a recurring 13-week course and grief support group that assists people who are walking through the grieving process regarding a recent loss. Workbooks and training are provided.
For more information, please contact Aaron Wiebe.

Hospital Visitation Coordinator: When someone is in the hospital, it’s a great encouragement when visitors come to encourage and pray with them, but not necessarily if they come all at once or in quick succession. That is why it would be a great help if a caring and administrative person was able to lead and coordinate a team of volunteers to oversee hospital visitation for members of the Panet congregation. Such arrangements would be in addition to visits from Gateway Panet’s pastoral staff.
For more information, please contact Peter Todd.

Ironwood Outreach Coordinator: Make arrangements with various mercy ministries and outreach ministries throughout Winnipeg so that the Ironwood interns can visit these places and participate in the work that they do.
For more information, please contact Mary MacLean.

Local Outreach Coordinator: Oversee the coordination of various evangelistic initiatives on behalf of Gateway Panet. This may involve activities during Love Winnipeg, but is also an opportunity to organize periodic creative outreach events to which people in Panet can invite unsaved friends and neighbours.
For more information, please contact Ken Peters.

Multi-Media Prep: This person works together with the Panet Administrator to create multi-media slides that will be used during the Sunday morning announcements, at Prayer Summits and at various leadership meetings. The person in this role needs to know or learn how to work with PowerPoint and ProPresenter.
For more information, please contact Heather Nolan.

Noah’s Ark Hallway Monitors: These are people with administrative gifting who serve once a month on Sunday mornings greeting and registering Noah’s Ark guests, monitoring hallways and classrooms, and providing administrative support to Noah’s Ark teachers and small group leaders.
For more information, please contact Lucy Todd.

Prayer Summit Administrator: Our monthly Prayer Summits are a corporate time of prayer and worship for the Panet congregation. The administration of them is fairly straightforward, the most important aspect of the role being to be available if any trouble-shooting is required. The Prayer Summit Administrator will oversee the set-up of the resource table and the communion tables and be available to the meeting leader should any needs arise.
For more information, please contact Heather Nolan.

Special Events Administrative Team: Throughout the year, this team works together with Gateway’s administrative staff to ensure events run smoothly. There are many administrative aspects to every event, and it’s exciting being on a team for which each member does their part to accomplish something larger than what anyone could achieve alone! As a part of this team, you might have the opportunity to oversee the administration of meetings, prepare documents or packets, or organize the registration for events such as Gateway-wide courses, congregation or leadership meetings, or conferences held at Gateway.
For more information, please contact Heather Nolan.

Sunday Service Administrator: Every Sunday morning, there is a Sunday Service Administrator who oversees the running of the service in coordination with the leader of the meeting. The administrator seeks to ensure that everyone involved in the meeting is present and functioning in their role and that details aren’t forgotten, and to troubleshoot when needed. This involves arriving early on the Sundays each administrator is scheduled to be on duty.
For more information, please contact Heather Nolan.