Global Missions

In the past, our main priority as we reached out to other nations was a focus on reaching unreached people groups of the world which represent over three billion people in this world (as per Joshua Project). Although our approach to global missions has not been limited to such groups, we’ve emphasized unreached people groups due to the fact that they represent the area of greatest evangelistic need before our Lord's return.

In addition to that, there are several areas of the world where Gateway workers are doing a wonderful job loving their neighbours in places of great spiritual need. Praise the Lord that many people are being reached and restored to a relationship with Jesus.

Doug & Jan Taylor in Mexico

Doug and Jan have been ministering in Mexico since the beginning of 2001. They carry out Gateway's work as our church planters and disciple-makers as they teach, train and work relationally with several churches, ministries and other missionaries in Mazatlan (where they live), as well as in Cofradia (where they lived full time for over 8 years), Guadalajara, Durango and other locations such as Mexico City and surrounding areas. They further carry out Gateway's work by teaching at conferences, seminars, and courses on Marriage, Parenting, Youth, Relationships, Spiritual Warfare, and Leadership Training. They are also very involved in counseling and mentoring.

Doug and Jan have also taught in many other locations around the world, including Salt & Light churches in Manitoba and United States. There are times and places that do not always feel safe for them and so they ask for your prayers and support.

If you would like to be in contact with them and receive their newsletters and prayer requests their email is:


Reinhard & Darcey Neufeld in Romania

In 2007, Gateway started a new mission outreach to the people of Romania through Reinhard & Darcey Neufeld. What started out as an annual short-term mission trip led by Reinhard and Darcey turned into a full-time ministry opportunity for Gateway. In 2009, Reinhard & Darcey moved to Romania and made their home in Rasa, a small Romanian village, where they currently minister among the poor and the needy there.

Since then, Reinhard & Darcey have seen God working beyond their expectations! They have set up a non-government organization called Gateway to Hope Romania  ( through which all their outreach activities occur. A major project is the construction and development of the Rasa Family Center, which will be a shelter for abused women and children, as well as a home for women who do not want to abort their babies. Gateway to Hope also works in various villages in order to help to establish churches, and many people have come to know Jesus through this ministry.

Reinhard & Darcey would appreciate your prayers and support. If you would like to receive prayer e-mails, please contact them at

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Our worker in South Asia

Gateway also has a worker living in South Asia working in various restricted-access nations. This worker has the joy of serving in support of many other workers who are reaching out to unreached people groups! This person is based in one particular restrictive country, and therefore also has the opportunity to reach out to neighbours who have no idea who Jesus is and to show them His love.


The Middle East and North Africa

Gateway’s vision to spread a passion for the glory of God through Jesus Christ to every nation & every generation also includes a unique outreach to the people of the Middle East and North Africa. We have seen a tremendous response in this work through the use of the internet, websites and various social media tools. Our workers in this ministry (who we don’t want to name on this website) actively disciple and share the Gospel with those who are seeking to know and follow Jesus Christ. If you would like more information about this ongoing work, please contact us by phone.


Our workers in Southeast Asia

Gateway has a family serving with an aviation ministry that supports workers in their ministries among extremely remote and unreached people groups. The husband has been assigned to work in aviation maintenance (speficially Avionics) since the fall of 2018 with a local organization that primarily supports Bible translation. They are a family with young children, so mom has plenty to do as well as they make their home in a faraway land so that others may know about Jesus. If you would like more information about them please contact the Gateway office.


Roly & Cristina Grenier in West Africa

Roly and Cristina have been serving the Lord with WEC International in West Africa since 1994, and twenty of those years were focused on the training and mentoring of national pastors and leaders for the Evangelical and Pentecostal Churches of Equatorial Guinea.

They are presently based out of Tema, Ghana, and are the Africa Directors for ACTS 13, a WEC Regional Ministry with the vision of establishing Mission Mobilization Teams, recruiting and training cross-cultural workers, and partnering with churches in Africa in the sending out of their workers to the least-reached peoples in the region and beyond.

Roly and Cristina would appreciate your prayers and support. If you would like to receive prayer e-mails, and/or find out how you can become more involved in this ministry, please contact them at