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Just as Jesus is Lord of heaven and earth, we believe He is Lord of Winnipeg and Manitoba, and it is our desire to make Him known so that many more people of this region will know Him personally as their Lord and Saviour!

We have various initiatives and focuses as a church that we seek to pursue as we reach out to people God has placed us among in this city and province. The core area of Winnipeg is one of our primary focuses as we seek to help the needy and the newly arrived people of our city.


Gateway offers a Foodbank to the residents of the neighbourhoods around our Panet campus. Each Saturday, volunteers arrive at about 8:30am to set up and get ready for those who have registered to receive food that day, and then at 10:00am, the ministry opens and distributes food to about 50-100 families (representing about 160-320 people per week, many of them children). Our desire is to receive each person who uses the Foodbank with love and respect. Refreshments are offered in the foyer to people waiting for the Foodbank doors to open, and volunteers are available to pray for people if needed.

If you would like to volunteer at the Foodbank, you can come any Saturday at 8:30am (except between Christmas and New Year’s Day). If you are in need of using the Foodbank, please call 982-3660 (with your 6-digit medical number ready) the week before the Saturday you’d like to come. You can call to register Monday to Friday between 9:15am and 3:30pm, and on Saturday between 9:15am and 12:30pm.


Gateway reaches out to newcomers who arrive in our city as immigrants or as refugees in various practical ways. One of the primary needs of newcomers to Canada is language proficiency do that they can acquire good jobs in an English-speaking country. That is why we offer Sunday morning English classes at the beginner, intermediate, or advanced levels, as well as relational times when snacks are served so that people can practice their English and build relationships with others.

More details can be found on our Gateway EAL page.

CarePortal is an online tool that helps to connect churches with various needs that come up in the neighbourhoods around them. Here is the way it works – Child Serving Agency workers upload requests concerning vulnerable children and their families to an online interface. For participating churches, this alerts their CarePortal Response Team to the need. If the team is able to meet that need, the Point Person and those helping with the delivery will be connected with the family.

The Tier 1 requests are generally for physical needs. In some cases, the church may provide a bed to new foster parents, help a mother pay her rent for a month to preserve the biological family, or provide household needs to a teen who is ageing out of foster care. The hope is that each interaction will leave the family with a neighbourhood connection in the midst of challenging times. And to let them know that wherever they find themselves, they have a community of people supporting them.

Please click here if you would like to become part of the Gateway Response Team at Gateway's Panet campus.

And please click here if you would like to become part of the Gateway Response Team at Gateway's South Osborne campus.

Simply click the link and register by entering your contact information.

Heart of the City

The heart of this ministry is to express Jesus’ desire to reach out to the people of Winnipeg’s inner- city. We want to reach out to help and love the lost, the poor, the fatherless, the refugees, the sick, and all those whom Jesus called the “least of these” (Matthew 25:40). As we minister in Winnipeg’s inner-city, we look to the Lord for direction in how He wants us to address examples of injustice and how He wants us to help with the meeting of felt-needs in the lives of the people we meet. As we serve the people we meet, we continually believe God for salvations and for miracles in people’s lives!

The bus ministry primarily focuses on ministering to Winnipeg’s prostitutes as we build relationships with those we meet and look for open doors in their hearts so that we can offer them freedom in Jesus.

Proverbs 14:31 – “…kindness shown to the poor is an act of worship.” (GNB)

If you would like to be involved in some way, please contact Jon Phillips of Heart of the City Ministries at 204-788-1302.

Walls of Freedom

OUTREACH CENTRE Restoring Lives in Winnipeg’s Core Area
204 Ellen Street           Phone: 204-504-9888
Email: wallsoffreedom@shaw.ca

Derrick and Priscilla Moodley oversee Walls of Freedom, an outreach concept church in the core area of Winnipeg. Their goal is to make the love of Christ meaningful to people who don’t relate to the traditional church amidst urgent daily concerns.

Discipleship is a critical need amidst the turmoil of the inner city. In the face of widespread poverty, abuse, bad relationships, and drugs, inner city people are seeking hope and welcome help from the church. As Walls of Freedom seeks to offer this help in restoring people's lives, relationship-building is considered a first priority so that people can be helped in the midst of community.

Walls of Freedom offers non-traditional services that focus on restoration of the entire family, including programs for kids, youth, and youth at risk, abused women, and parents looking for hope. They serve meals, play games, do crafts, spend time talking to, listening to and praying with those who attend, and of course, minister the Word of God. They offer support and limited emergency resources to people in need, and regularly visit homes of families who attend, offer prison and hospital visitation, and assist ex-inmates in re-establishing their lives.

Walls of Freedom is achieving positive results living out Isaiah 58. They reach out to hundreds of families, and many others have been touched by their Christmas parties, carnivals, community barbecues or other outreach events. They believe that introducing people to the power and mercy of God through Jesus, in addition to the smile and bowl of soup, will transform lives.

Christmas at Gateway...

Carols by Candlelight

is a more traditional celebration of Christmas at which people fill our campuses on Christmas Eve for a time of carol-singing. A reading of the story of the first Christmas is interspersed with visual images, performed songs and carol-singing. It’s a warm and meaningful addition to any family’s Christmas celebration.


Bethlehem LIVE!

has been Gateway’s gift to our city every Christmas since 2006. Through elaborate sets and creative dramas, we work together as a church community to transform our gymnasium into the first-century town of Bethlehem, and thousands of people are then led on interactive tours.

Please note: After 10 years of performances, BETHLEHEM LIVE! is taking a rest! Thank you for all the interest and support throughout the years! We will update this page when we are ready to launch BETHLEHEM LIVE! again.