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A church should feel like a family. It shouldn't feel like an event to attend, but a community where you belong. That's why we have created a path for people to follow -- so that you can surround yourself with community, strengthen your Christian faith, and use your God-given talents to help others. 

But don't think of the Gateway Path as a course. Think of it as a way to find your purpose and your people, because there's more for you at Gateway Church than just attending a Sunday service!

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Gateway 100


Gateway 100 is about BELONGING. You will get to know us, learn to hear God's voice, and discover the benefits of church membership. This is also helpful for those who want to join a Gateway Small Group so you can develop meaningful relationships and grow in your faith.

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Gateway 100 includes four classes in which you will hear the heart behind Gateway's vision statement, and learn about our 10 Core Commitments. Classes provide you with an opportunity to ask questions and to consider a commitment to membership. Click HERE for more information.

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Our Hearing God Seminar equips you with the tools and confidence to hear God for yourself. Classes provide you with an opportunity to practice what you are learning, and are a requirement for the completion of Gateway 100. Click HERE for more information.
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Joining a Gateway Small Group is a great step forward in becoming a committed member at one of Gateway's local congregations -- Gateway Panet or Gateway South Osborne.

Gateway Small Groups meet most often in people’s homes, and provide an opportunity for relationships, spiritual growth, and personal outreach.

Once you have completed Gateway 100, we would love to help you find a group that works for you!

For further information about Gateway Small Groups, please click HERE.

Gateway 200


Gateway 200 is about GROWING. We want to help you discover healthy habits that will help you to grow in spiritual maturity, and to get free of obstacles that get in the way of you getting closer to Jesus.

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Gateway 200 includes four classes in which we explore four spiritual habits that help you to grow in your faith and in your relationship with Jesus. Classes include practical exercises and opportunities to ask questions. Click HERE for more information.

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Set-Free Retreats are an opportunity to get free of things in our lives that hinder us in our spiritual growth. Wherever you are at in your walk with Jesus, these weekend events are of great value. They're like a spiritual tune-up. Classes provide you with an opportunity to practice what you are learning, and are a requirement for the completion of Gateway 200. Click HERE for more information.

Gateway 300

Ministry & Mission

Gateway 300 is about ENGAGING. You will discover the God-given gifts and talents you have so as to be a blessing in ministry and mission. You will be able to complete a personal assessment that will identify your personal strengths and leadership style.

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Gateway 300 includes four classes in which you will discover that the way God uniquely designed you impacts the purposes he has for you in this world. You will learn about yourself, about God's mission in this world, and be equipped to share the Good News of Jesus more effectively with the people God has put in your life. Click HERE for more information.

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The Empower Ministers Retreat focuses on being equipped to do the work of ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit.

You will learn about the gifts of the Spirit, and about what it means to live by the Spirit, so that He can lead and empower us for life and ministry.

This is not meant to be academic. Our desire is that what is taught leads each person in attendance to a fresh and personal encounter with the Spirit of God so that each person leaves impacted and encouraged.

Click HERE for more information.