urgent prayer and fasting (2)

At the beginning of each new year, Gateway, as a church family, spends some intentional, focused time in PRAYER and FASTING. For 2021 our two weeks of seeking the Lord Jesus will be from Wednesday, January 13 until Wednesday, January 27.


These 14 days of prayer will include 2 online Prayer Summits at the beginning and the end and 12 days of ½ hour prayer meetings, three times a day, in between.

We encourage you to join as many prayer times as you are able or simply chose certain days that you will join one prayer time or all three. It’s totally flexible and all the prayer meetings are easily accessible. Participate as much or as little as you are able.

The God of the Universe promised, in the day of trouble if we would call upon Him… He would deliver us and glorify Himself. The day of trouble is here. Let us call upon His name and experience His great deliverance.


Fasting from food not only intensifies our praying but also increases our hunger for God as we remind ourselves that man cannot live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. Please check out the FASTING INFORMATION images for more information including different kinds of fasts.

We also encourage everyone to ask Jesus what else (other than food) He would like you to fast from that might distract you from hearing God.

Daily 30-minute Prayer Meetings via ZOOM!

Click a button below to join a prayer meeting. If you are joining on a phone or tablet, you will have to download the Zoom App.


Click on a blue link to join prayer meeting:

Wednesday, January 27 Panet Prayer Summit*

*Live stream and Zoom will be available for Prayer Summit


Click on a blue link to join prayer meeting:

Wednesday, January 27 South Osborne Prayer Summit

Please make sure to add your FIRST and LAST NAME to your ZOOM name before entering a prayer meeting.

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