Our Cell Groups are designed to offer each group the freedom to do Bible studies on themes that any group is able to choose for themselves according to the needs or desires of each group.

But we as a church leadership also provide teaching materials that we ask each Cell Group leader to go over with the groups they lead so that we as a church will all have the opportunity to be encouraged and directed in the same direction regarding specific vision and values.

Thus far, the following is the teaching material we have provided to Gateway’s Cell Groups. You can click on any of the headings below to view a pdf of the material described here.

Gateway 100
This material provides some of the most core values of Gateway Church. It is a close look at some of what may seem like very familiar foundational truths, such as salvation, baptism, the Kingdom of God, and our mission as a church, while also providing some core values that are less familiar to some, such as spiritual authority and our pursuit of God-centered education for children. This material is a great introduction to Gateway Church.

Gateway 200
This material focuses on spiritual disciplines and was shared with the saints at Gateway so that our walks with Jesus would grow deeper and more meaningful in a consistent way. Many Christians confess that in our busy culture they struggle to maintain consistency in their pursuit of God. Our desire is that by God’s grace, this material will help people to grow closer to Jesus as we put feet to our faith in the areas of prayer and Bible study, fellowship and fasting, as well as generous giving.

Gateway 300
This material focuses on spiritual gifts in several different ways. It looks at the motivational gifts that we believe every person who is born in the image of God carries in their hearts throughout their lives. It also looks at the manifestation gifts of 1 Corinthians 12, which every believer in Christ can avail themselves of as we minister in and from the Body of Christ. And it also looks briefly at the ministry gifts of Ephesians 4, which are given to equip the Body of Christ for ministry. Those who go over this material in their Cell Groups are given the opportunity to take a spiritual gifts test that focuses on the motivational gifts. Our desire is that every believer who hasn’t already found a place to minister in a way that genuinely expresses who God made them to be, find such a place so that they feel the fulfillment God intends them to walk in.