What we do

Cell Groups

Gateway Youth cell Groups are at the centre of Gateway Youth Ministry. Get connected to a group of other young people who meet once a week with a leader to have fun, love one another and to get plugged into discipleship. These groups really help us in our personal walk with Jesus.

Friday Night Dinner & Worship

We love to eat together at Gateway Youth! You are so welcome to join us as we spend time together eating, laughing and having fun. Then we spend time worshipping God through singing and celebrating His amazing love. We dig into the Word of God and love to see Him work in our lives through the gifts of the Holy Spirit.


FUN Nights

Come and have some FUN with us at gateway Youth. We like to have fun every single time we meet, but once a month we think it’s important to go BIG!

jr high youth     sr-high-youth

Family Night

Once a month on a Friday Night you get the chance to hang out with your family, connect with other families, have some fun and reach out to your friends. We send out great ideas each month to satisfy your taste for family fun! Use it as an opportunity to reach out to your friends!

Community of Leaders

While all our gateway Youth are out having fun in their homes, our dedicated group of Gateway Youth Leaders gather for community, training, equipping, and prayer. Without this we’re not going anywhere; because we want to improve and grow our leadership so that we can lead this generation where God calls us to go.