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How will Gateway Youth move forward in light of Covid-19? (updated 25 August 2020)

We're living in strange times, eh! (All the more reason to help young people discover a faith of their own in Jesus).  There are so many new restrictions to gatherings (social distancing / face masks etc.) with seemingly daily changes to the regulations.

In light of that we are unable to produce a clear annual plan for Gateway Youth - HOWEVER...we LOVE young people and we're passionate about connecting with them and helping them on a journey of fun and faith.  To that end we are working week by week to keep adapting to the Covid19 situation and do all we can to stay connected.

How?  We are going to increase our use of online media (Instagram / uploaded video messages etc) whilst also exploring new and creative ways to "be together" but in a safe and wise way.

We appreciate that families hold a wide variety of views on the current restrictions; some are happy for their young person to hang out with lots of friends in any venue, some are not and want to wait until there's a vaccine.  So we will try and be as wide and varied as possible to ty and connect with as many young people as possible.

As always...if you have any questions please contact us!


How has Covid-19 affected the Gateway Youth ministry? (updated 20 April 2020)

Simply put - these are unprecedented times that are affecting everyone in significant ways. No-one is prepared for such a global challenge as the one we are all currently facing. Youth ministry is primarily a relational ministry and so being 'isolated' presents significant challenges. Having said that with every challenge comes opportunity and so the Gateway Youth team are exploring and working to find new and creative ways to not only continue 'community' but to actually see God work through these challenging days. Please stay connected via the Gateway Youth Instagram or Facebook pages to stay up to date with any new developments.


Is Zoom safe? (the online tool for the youth gatherings)

There's been a lot of focus on Zoom in the news. No online system is full-proof and so we are taking extra precautions to protect both the young people and team whilst using an online service. The team will use a code of conduct and ensure strict measures are adhered to to ensure this safety.

Also, every young person wanting to connect to any online Gateway Youth activities will need their parent/guardian to complete an online consent form to do so.


(The info below will resume post - Covid-19)

Why $1 entry on a Friday evening?

We desire young people to ‘value’ Friday nights and so this is not about raising funds but, instead, about helping to add ‘value’ to a Friday evening. The money will be invested straight back in to Friday evenings too.


Do I really need to submit a consent form?

We will ask for your consent in order for your young person to attend any event, retreat, or gathering outside of our regular weekly program plus consent for the regular week by week activities. It is really important these are handed in otherwise your son/daughter will not be able to take part in that event, retreat or gathering (and we really don’t like having to turn young people away).


Why do you have smaller ‘Grow groups’ for discipleship?

Youth discipleship is a challenging in any setting. After much research we felt the Lord lead us to run these special smaller groups called 'Grow groups'.  Making Grow groups more accessible, more valuable and with amazing leaders will facilitate effective discipleship by providing the ability to genuinely encourage one another, build friendships, pray and be inspired to keep going in faith - all with an outstanding adult leader.

See the Grow groups page for more info.


(These will resume post - Covid-19) - Why only two Friday evenings a month instead of every week?

Good question but we’re actually have something every week.  Two Fridays a month will be at Panet rd - the first half is a time of worship & testimony and the 2nd half a time of organised activities.  Twice a month (ideally Friday’s but not guaranteed) there will be the Grow small groups and twice a month will be ‘Fusion’ (Sunday am) at the local Gateway church.


What rules are there?

RESPECT: Each other / Leaders / Property

NO: Swearing - Bullying - Fighting - Chewing Gum - Vandalism - Alcohol - Drugs - Smoking - Going out of bounds - Leaving the building without permission

These are for the safety and benefit of leaders and young people. Breaking of these rules will result in a young person being excluded from Gateway Youth for a period of time.



If you have any further questions please feel free to contact the youth team below (please note the Youth email is not checked every day so there may be a delay in getting a reply, thank you).